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This zine is currently a work in progress - new content is added regularly.

An image resolves from a shared dream: five monolithic spires span the horizon. Filth seeps from their cracked stone faces and bears the nightmare known as Exterreri into the waking world. Metamorphic forms, shedding their mortality, linger as shadows on the periphery as craggy isles rise from beneath churning waves. In droning whispers, they promise wealth and power beyond measure - drawing you across the abyssal depths and into the brine-encrusted ruins of a kingdom lost to the world for centuries. Your journey will take you to the very heart of Exterreri in search of otherworldly treasures, armed with little more than the resolve to face the horrors lurking just beyond the flickering torchlight.

Exterreri is a fantasy horror TTRPG toolkit for players and GMs, presented in the form of a black and white a5 zine. Contained within each issue are rules and ideas to help create a nightmarish hexcrawl-style adventure. The setting can be used as is or introduced as a location in a much larger pre-existing setting.

  • One-page classless character creation rules.
  • Easy-to-understand rules for travelling the nightmare, combating foes and overcoming tests of physicality, dexterity and willpower.
  • Curiosities and Quirks to help flesh out your character's backstory.
  • Corruptions to inflict on characters when they level up.
  • Hex-corruptor - generate a map of Exterreri that evolves as the nightmare's power waxes and wanes.
  • Sample bestiary - a handful of creatures that the party could cross paths with during their time in the nightmare as well as ideas for creating your own.


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Exterreri_01_Digital WIP v1 453 kB
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Did I miss something in the copy above telling me this isn't done?


Hi Judgmentfish,

Thanks for checking out my zine and sorry for the confusion!

To be clear, this is a WIP version of the zine. It is marked as "in development" on this page and says as much in the dev log. To avoid further confusion I'll add something to the body as well.